If you wish to purchase any of the following Closeout Items, Please send an email to onlinesales@andersonsinc-hvac.com.

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1024FMalcoHacksaw Blades 10" 24t$0.66See Image
1032FMalcoHacksaw Blades 10" 32t$0.66See Image
1224SMalcoHacksaw Blades 12" 24t$0.66See Image
1232SMalcoHacksaw Blades 12" 32t$0.66See Image
20SCMalcoClaw Hammer 20oz$30.53See Image
3R10MalcoReplacement Blade 3/4" x 10'$4.00See Image
5RWMalcoRivet washers 5/32" 1000$15.62See Image
6RWMalcoRivet washers 3/16" 1000$15.62See Image
AA46DTMalcoAluminum rivets 1000 .313-.375$25.12See Image
AA48DTMalcoAluminum rivets 500 .376-.500$14.19See Image
AS56DTMalcoAluminum rivets 500 .251-.375$10.00See Image
AS62DTMalcoAluminum rivets 500 .020-.125$10.00See Image
AS66DTMalcoAluminum rivets 250 .251-.375$9.00See Image
AW12XGMalcoAdjustable Wrench 12"$28.05See Image
BT310MalcoBittip screws 500 6-32x3/8$8.00See Image
CHWMalcoCompass Saw Handle$4.75See Image
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